Friday, March 13, 2009

# 15. Starbucks.

a twinge of warmth creeps down from the tips of your nose as the rich scent of coffee fill your lungs. the mellow soft tunes calms and relaxes every muscle fiber. the soft and comfortable cushion, rubs against your skin, calming every sore and pain that your body feels. a place for you to work and feel at home, a place for you to catch up with your old but dear friends. regardless of whether a sip of hot chocolate during a cold, rainy day, or a cold, yummy frappe during a hot sunny day, you'll definitely savor the taste of liquid that passed through your tongue and down your throat in satisfaction. meet my newest best friend.

the best-est friend you'll ever have through every rainy or sunny day,
from as young as three till 68
but one flaw about my best friend is, its a bit of a high maintenance.
however, do enjoy my best friend everyday.
it will never fail you.
last but not least, feel free to make my dream starbucks birthday party a reality.


Monday, March 9, 2009

# 14. Gratitude.

You've been with me through my darkest days,
You wiped my tears and heard my every heart cry,
You heard my thoughts and You consoled me,
Your arms around me, and I felt strong.

I've been down, lost and discouraged,
I have feared and I was defeated,
But You NEVER left,
You are always here, by my side.

Misunderstandings, accusations, stereotype,
Gossipping, hatred, betrayal,
Without fail, Your Grace has proven to be above all,
With You, I rise.

I am forever grateful for Your everlasting unconditional love.