Saturday, December 20, 2008

#10. Christmassy. <3

Its Christmassy time! My favourite time of the year! =D I really really do love Christmas. It is a time when one can feel the warmth and love from all around, a time when children of all ages run around happily with a genuine smile plastered on their faces, a time when Christmas trees and presents under the tree wrapped with colourful wrapping paper are seen everywhere, Santa Claus and Christmas carols are heard and seen, as well as the sharing and togetherness with our closest family and friends. Besides all of that, it is a time when we all put everything that has happened in the past year aside and come back to our main focus, which is our God, Lord Jesus Christ.

This very day, 2000 years back, a child was born to a virgin named Mary. She was concieved by the Holy Spirit to give birth to the Son of God who was Jesus Christ. He was here on earth to live just to die for the sins of you and me. He carried the cross and wore the crown of thorns, He was whipped and accused for who He really is, He was hurt and condemned by us, sinners and yet, He was willing to die for us and to forgive us. He's unconditional love for us still stand firm till this very day. John 3.16. Therefore, for me, the true meaning of Christmas is not about Santa Claus or presents or even Christmas trees. Christmas is to me, the remembrance of the very birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ and His love that is for us.

***Writer's heartfelt: Christmas was great! =] Exactly how I wanted it. God, Family and friends. Thanks to all my closest friends who gave me a wish or a pressie as well as making my miracle real, well, sort of. *MuaxMuax* Thank you Lord for everything and for those who are wondering whether did I get my miracle, I kinda did, partly but I am satisfied with it. =]


Sunday, December 14, 2008

#9. Gossips.

Look at the picture on the right. This picture illustrates gossiping perfectly. Gossiping is an on going process that never will come to a fullstop if one continues to spread and spread and spread due to one's entertainment purposes. But mind you, once the chain is started, it will continue on and on.

Warning to all gossipers out there:
DO NOT gossip about others. First of all, gossiping is an immature act that shows how inconsiderate you are. You are leeching happiness out of people's sorrow. Put yourself in that person's shoes. Do you want people talking about your problems when you are at your saddest point of life? Do you want people laughing and snickering at what you wishes to forget and let go? Besides that, whenever you start a gossip about a person, remember, its always a continuous circle. Do not start a vicious gossip which is untrue about a person. The good Lord will always know who is right and who is wrong. The poisonous and vicious gossips that isn't true about a person, will slowly reveal through time. The truth will always always prevail and people who at start, believe in the fake version of a story about a person, will start to realise who is good and who is bad and thats' when, gossipers out there, you will get the same amount of pay back that you have caused a person to feel.

So gossipers out there, be considerate and just shut your mouth when ever you are tempted to gossip. One mouth shut, stops a whole circle of gossips which can help stop the misery and pain felt by others. Always remember that do Not do what you don't want others do to you, no matter how big the temptation is, its just Satan playing with your head.


Friday, December 12, 2008

#8. Twins.

I saw this beautiful picture after my class the other day and it just spoke to me of how beautiful God's grace is. Born on July 11th, Germany, Meet Leo the dark-skinned with brown-eyed one, and Ryan, the older one with light skin and blue eyes. The are both confirmed from the same father and the same mother. Despite this picture, can you imagine, how people fight and war is going on simply just because of racial issues? On going discrimination? Prejudice and stereotype? Just because of our skin colour?

We are ALL the same underneath our skin. Mind you. We all have the same flesh and blood that runs through our veins from our fore fathers. But why? Why does war and fights still happen till this very day? NO race is better than the other. So why? Even this pair of twins, so close to each other, are born of different colour. Does that make them enemies? God is so great that he shows us through this very picture that we are all one. One brothers and sisters, united, together.