Friday, August 31, 2012

# 87.

photo by sergey1984

With a heavy sigh, the tips of my lids shut tightly, shielding me from the gray sky shadowing above me. I saw your chiseled face and I remembered your cheeky smile. I remembered how I traced the edges of your strong jawline and how I couldn't help but to giggle along side with you as you held me tight in your embrace. I missed you.

It wasn't a fairy tale story; there weren't any carriages, there wasn't any fairy godmother, and there isn't any singing rodents at sight. It was by chance, that we have met, that we have shared what we had, that we are where we are today. We were both broken souls; wandering aimlessly through life, clinging on to the hope of something better. Scared and jaded, distant from what would seem too good to be true.

I remembered your fingers interlacing mine as we laid together, sharing our thoughts and I felt understood. I remembered you smiling goofily as you ran across the streets, like a child, eager to find out about the secret I just told you. You came back frowning, discouraged with what you knew. But you did not realize that you put a smile on my face. I remembered your gaze deeply lost into a sea of thoughts, amazed with what stood before you; a gaze I know so fondly of, a gaze that I myself shared. You held my hand, and you pulled me close to you. I am scared, flustered, but yet it all felt so right. I know I've found you.

I now sit here, wondering what could have been if things were handled differently. I couldn't help but to question why and how did I meet you. At the moment of my despair, I found you. You were different, you were what I have been looking for. I was lost for words. I was paralyzed. I was scared of the unknown and I have never met someone like you. Someone who hold true to who you are. But then again, things didn't work out as how I would want it to be. I had no regrets nor am I in angst. Knowing that I have already met someone so close to perfection, I am left wondering if I could find another you. I guess, I have no choice but to miss you and to go on with life wishing that I would heal in time for the next guy to sweep me off my feet. I'm not worried, but it is just the power of a broken heart that is slowly but surely healing itself.