Friday, November 26, 2010

# 76. Travel Log 2.1: Bali.

Bali. 311010-031110
of sunshine, of superbly cheap bargains, of breathtaking sunsets, of sand, of making new friends, of delicious fresh seafood dishes, of the sea, of beautiful sceneries, of scary street hagglers, of amazing architectures, of friendly locals, of a different culture, of beautiful artworks, of life stories, of learning, of seeing, of an experience, of a fond memory.

i left my heart by the beach, where the sun rises and sets everyday, where people of different stories come together, where my footsteps were long washed away by the strong waves into the vast seas.-melaniehwa.

ps. sorry for the uber late post and also the pictures for not being in order. its 4.30am now and i just have to get this up before i procrastinate further. anyhow, more pictures on my tumblr!