Monday, November 9, 2009

# 37. A lil' lost.

Ever had this period of time in your life, where you do not know who you are? You feel a little lost, a little confused, a twinge of frustration and a whole lot of desperation? You try every single way you can think of, being an extreme in the opposite ends of the personality charts, being what you think you are but yet ending up not being happy? You want to find who is the person you are deep down inside again, the very person you used to know a very long time ago, a person who somehow got lost in the storms of life.

I am currently in that position. I am not going to lie. I am hyper at days or I can just be totally no body at times, believe me, you wouldn't even notice my presence. I realised, I don't know who I am anymore. I used to be this vigorous, vibrant, happy-go-lucky girl not too long back. I used to have a strong stand in life and in lot of issues of life, usually the star in the room. Today, I tend to sly by the sidelines, looking at how others strut their thing and just living a normal yet boring life. I am what you can rather say- a fire which has always burned so brightly, that has been rather dim for a period of time now.

If you know what I am talking about I guess, what you are going through is similiar with me. Your firy passion has been rather dim and all it needs is a little starter to get you back on track. I've always remembered this from last year's varsity church camp. What God told me, it is still so real till this very day.

-"Let it all go, girl. I did not intend for you to live a life full with chains and burdens. I did not intend for you to fear and to miss out all the goodness and opportunities in life. I want the best for you. I want you to live happily. That is My plan for you. Stand up and move."

I may not know what are the issues in life that you are battling and I do not know what causes you to lose yourself. I for one, has given it much thought. I know the causes of my problems and now it all boils down to the point of whether am I brave enough to move forward. I guess, it is the same for you. You might already know what are the causes so move forward. Do not dwell and cry over your misfortunes. Do not live your future in the past. Do not be tied down and be afraid to live your life as who you are. Find the very person you are deep down inside and be that person, regardless of whether you think people might say stuffs or what it might cause you. Falling is okay, but it is the climbing up that matters.


# 36. Modelle Beauty 50, top 40.

Hey Hey! =D

First of all, I would wanna thank you guys so so much for your votes! I got into the second round! Yay! I wouldn't have been able to do it without your support! Thank you so so much! *hugs and kisses*

Okay, so yeah, I'm in the second round, so that means, I would need you guy's support more than ever now! =] This is because the votings are actually accumulative! And by that, it means that all those votes that I've got from last month, will be carried forward and those with the lowest votes will be out the next round. So yeah, please please please vote for me ya! I'm loving the experience that I'm getting and am loving modelling! =D So please help me keep this opportunity alive for me. Your every vote puts a smile so wide on my chubby face. =]

And again, worry not! Modelle is still offering the top 3 highest voters prizes! So, what are you still waiting for? vote vote vote!

PRIZES (Voters Benefits)

2.Beauty 40 (2nd round) Top 3 highest voters prizes:

First prize: RM 800 cash prize, half year subscription of MODELLE Magazine (6 issues) and a date with one of the model of choice.
Second prize: RM500 worth of perfume package.
Third prize: RM300 worth of F&B vouchers and cafes privilege card.

Okayy, picture time! As for my second shoot, I got Candy Girl as my theme. I was in brown though, so they called me Chocolate girl. lol. So please do enjoy the pictures ya. (including the camwhore pics.) =]

Yours truly, before shoot.

and here I am, after the shoot.

The location.
Kate's closet by Intoxi-kate, Bangsar Shopping Complex.

The outcome.
Chocolate Girl! lol.

Like those pictures?

To vote for me:
Type MODV (space) MEL to 36660
RM 1.00/vote.
There are no voting limits. (the more the merrier! =])
Voting for the second round starts 6th November 2009.

To visit the magazine website, please click here.
To visit the magazine facebook page, please click here.
To visit my facebook page, please click here.

The second issue is already out in stores nationwide! Its only RM 7.00 per copy! And also please take notice that MODELLE mag is not by anyhow related to MODELS magazine and so is Beauty 50 Contest. So yeah, please do me a huge favor by voting for me. Every vote matters loads to me. And please help spread the word too! Hugs~