Thursday, August 27, 2009

# 31. Love.

What is love? Many people who walked upon this earth wondered the exact words to describe this feeling which is so wonderful and yet it is being feared by so many people. Someone once told me that love is as easy as 1+1=2. I reacted as though I disagree. I asked him for more only wanting to listen to his voice. Secretly inside of me, I agreed. Love is simply as simple as 1+1=2.

Love isn't complicated. It isn't a mathematical equation, it isn't rocket science. There is no explanation to what is love. It is just simple. It is an affectionate feeling towards someone or something. Even a little 2 year old know what love is. How he would cry when his favorite pet is sick, or how he would comfort his mother when he sees her sad. No one had ever taught him to love. He just knew. Like you and me. That is love.

I've always believed that there is a special someone out there that God has installed for me and you. It is not easy to find someone you love and loves you back. Finding love is not as easy as ABC. For those who've learned probability, tell me, what are the odds of having to find someone you love in this world? and that someone who loves you back equally much? (Mind you, the current population in today's world is 6.78 billion.) Many people might feel that it is no big deal, losing someone that you’re with right now. I have 10 more others who loves me out there. In another month or so, I will find another one. But do you love that person as much as you loved the one that you've lost? Will things be the same? Love does not come easily. Once you've found it, appreciate and fight for the one you love. Their every smile and laughter will automatically lift your day. The idea of living another day without them would be unbearable.

Having to have found your soul mate, you will automatically want to build a family and spend the rest of your lives together but arguments, compromise and commitment are sure enough to follow. This isn't easy. No, not at all, but again, love is what that glues us together. Every flaw of your mate will be magnified, but loving each other is not about changing them but is to accept their flaws for who they are. No one is perfect. Not even you and me. Doing this, you will learn that their flaws are what you are attracted to in the first place. Love is not perfect, it is simplicity.

I've once heard this, when you are old and white-haired, sitting on the rocking chair, resting, the clearest memories of your younger days that you will have is not of how you were a renowned supermodel in the world, it is not of the huge empire of success that you have built, but it is of the things which are simple, the days when you sit under the stars with your love, the days when you play and run around with your children, the days when you sit side by side, hand in hand with your thinning-white haired husband. It is not the destination that matters but the journey that you have shared with someone you love.

So back to my question, what is love? I honestly do not have an exact answer to it. But I believe that is something that everyone treasures, something that isn't an accident, something that will never be lost. It is a bond, a special feeling that holds us together.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

# 30. am currently in love with....

I'll Move On-Oliva Ong.
This road that I'm taking twists and turns
My life my chance turning dreams into reality.
Down this path faced with so many things
Sometimes I feel like giving up and turn away

Can't seem to go on. And I've been thru' this before.
Now where am I? Where do I stand? A little lost here.
But I'll remember. All those times you've bought me thru'.
I'd be a fool to give up cos' the goal is near

I'll move on I'll go on. Lord I will take your hand.
And you will guide me along. Survive thru' this storm.
So I say, come what may. I'll hold on to my hope.
Yes, I will walk down this road.
And my passion drive will lead me on

Here I am Once again caught in the rain.
Looking back I've come so far And I want to carry on
Take a step a little time It's alright.
Even thru' this rain, I want to smile again

Don't hold back now. And i've been thru' this before.
Now where am I? Where do I stand? A little lost here.
But I'll remember. All those times you've bought me thru'.
I can feel the sun shining down on me

Here I am, Here I am. Lord I will take your hand.
And you will guide me along. Survive thru' this storm.
So I say, come what may. I'll hold on to my hope.
Yes, I will walk down this road.
And my passion drive will lead me on.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

# 29. My list of 11.

I've always wanted to come up with a list of the things that can simply put a smile on my face for a very long time now. So here it is! Please bare with me.

11. Movies.
i love movies. simply from comedy ranging up to thriller or even horror movies. yes, i am a hard core movie buff! it enables me to feel like i am the person in the movie for that very short period of time, to experience and to think as well as to evaluate what would i do if i am in that particular situation. yes. i am a thinker.

10. Shopping.
every girl's best friend. guys, i see your eyes rolling! well, yeah. shopping is a miraculous therapy for girls no matter what and when. after a long day of shop-till-you-drop, the weight of the world seemed much less to bare. yeah, you guys might think it is the materialistic-ness in girls, that how materials can so easily satisfy girls, but nahh, it is the excitement and joy as well as triumpant feeling that we find in possessing those beautiful shining new heels or the gorgeous blue dress that we had bought.

9. Chocolates.
yes! the sinful little thing. it never failed to put a smile on my face no matter how hard life might seem. the very bittersweet thing that melts in your mouth just gives you a warmth that tingles down your spine and your lips will automatically curl up into a satisfied smile.

8. Books.
yeah, i know, you guys must be thinking, what a bookworm she is, a nerd. owh well, i can't deny the fact that i do love books. it is a hideaway for me, a getaway from the world. i can just simply be sucked into another brand new world with my own imagination running wild.

7. Pets.
well, in my case, it is my cutest pet, JD. i love him with all my heart. every single time, i lay my eyes on him, every single heartache and problems that i feel inside automatically evaporated into thin air. how his innocent puppy eyes stared into mine, filled with adoration and love, just melts my heart.

6. Music.
how people say, music is life. i agree with no hesitation. music is life. it speaks of many different stories and many different feelings in life. it sows into people's hearts and it touches people from different backgrounds. one can simply relate oneself to a very special song and automatically, it will work its magic into making one feel better, lighter.

5. Nature.
i don't know why and i don't know how but i just love admiring the beauty of nature. it mesmerizes me without fail every single time i witness the wonder of God's creation. it never fail to remind me of how beautiful and wonderful our world is. it teaches me that whatever that i am going through is nothing compared to the wonders that God had installed for me.

4. Friends.
a friend is someone who is always there to pick you up no matter what. someone that watches out for potholes for you. someone who smacks your senses back into yourself whenever you are heading towards the wrong direction. someone that supports you no matter what and is someone who accepts you for who you are.
(to people who isn't in this picture, sorry! this is the only picture i can find with the biggest number of people in it)

3. Soul Mate.
the one person who you can say "I love you" to everyday and night without feeling that it is being said too much. the one person who is ever so ready to listen to your every heartaches and joy. the person who you wish to wake up to every morning and just with a smile on their face, every problem miraculously dissipates. the very person who you wish to build a future and to spend your whole lifetime with. the very person who is your everything.

2. Family.
home is where the heart is. family is the only people who you can always go back to no matter what you have been through. no matter how hard life may be when you are away from home, going back home overwrites everything and all you feel is acceptance and love. your family supports you, forgives you and accepts you for who you are no matter what. there is no other place that i prefer to be than home. i love my dad, my mum and my brothers with my all.

1. God.
my Strength, my Guidance, my Hope, my Redeemer, my Father, my Friend, my Trust, my Love, my Sanctuary, my Peace, my Joy, my Healer, my Everything.

You readers might wonder why do I want to come up with this long list? Some of you might think that it is boring or maybe, some of you might think that it is so irrelevant to the readers! Well, what I want to do here is for myself as well as for you guys. This list is a list for me to remind me of the blessings that I have in this world, a source of joy for myself whenever I fall. And the other reason is to share this with you guys. You guys can come up with a list of your own. It need not be as long as mine, its up to you. I hope that this list of yours can give you peace and that it can put a smile on your face whenever you face hardship.


Friday, August 7, 2009

# 28. a food for thought.

Do you eat to live?

or live to eat?

or not to eat at all?

I was learning about advertisements during last week's class and several eating disorder ads were shown by my lecturer. I've decided to help them raise awareness. So yea, girls, or even guys have confidence in yourselves and please click here and here to have a look at the advertisements and think for yourselves the next time you feel like going on diet.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

# 27. for you.

you are the one that i wish to open my eyes to every single morning.
you make me smile idiotically everytime your eyes meet mine.
you make the butterflies in my stomach flutter everytime your skin touches mine.
you are different, different from others that i know, that scares me a lot but you never stop trying to reassure me.
every single second apart from you makes my heart grow fonder to yours.
your strong angular shoulders ever so ready for me to lean on.
you are the one who can make my heart pump faster and slower altogether.
you inspire change in me, making me blossom into someone better, closer to perfection.
your voice that ring into my ears somehow knows its ways into making my heart feel better.
you are the one whom i wish to tell my every highs and lows.
you are the only one who can make me lose my cool and gain it back all in a split second.
you make me feel so safe everytime my hand fit ever so perfectly into yours.
i would go the distance, just to see a smile pasted on your chiseled, perfect face.
i am ever so ready to listen to every of your heart's cry and problems.
a strange yet so wonderful giddy feeling arise deep down inside of me every single time your lips curls up in to a smile.
just being in your embrace makes me feel warm and at home.
having to say goodbye to you is the hardest part of the day for me.
a tug in my heart so strong, tells me that i want you so much.
i wonder everyday, when and how did i fall in love with you.
but all of that doesn't really matter anymore, as long as i have you in my arms.
we ain't perfect, but i am willing to try.
i love you, baby.

ps. was waiting for the right perfect time to post this up, when im perfectly sure i meant every single word i said and when you are worthy of every word. but i guess, the time will never come anymore. i am posting this up because, i wrote it for you and will finish what i have intended to do.