Wednesday, June 30, 2010

# 68. Not All Things to All People

Sometimes I feel like I have to be a Super Girl. I have to take care of everything and everyone. But I'll just have to remember my new mantra: I am not all things to all people. Even if it feels like it sometimes.- raine.angel.
I found this picture and it hit me, that I am not a supergirl. I'm pretty sure you've atleast once in your life, wanted to be a supergirl/superman to everyone in your life. The world continues at its pace even if you and I aren't in it. We all are imperfect and we need not try to be perfect because it is our imperfections that makes us individually beautiful.- melaniehwa.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

# 67. forgive&forget.

heartaches and fears,
scars and inflicted pains,
stolen innocence, hopes and trust,
let it all go,
and breathe again,
forgive and forget,
plastered heart, mended and beating again,
slowly, but stronger than ever,
forgive and forget,
a hard but not impossible,
key to living life once more,
let it all go,
start counting your blessings,
most importantly,
start making more blessings.

Don't let the sun go down on your Wrath, and don't lose your blessings because of unforgiven heartaches and pain.-Matthews 6:14-15 (in layman's term)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

# 66. The World Is How You See It.

Look at the picture and take a few seconds to yourself to think. And now, what do you think about this picture? What does it portray? What subliminal message is it trying to carry forth? What do you feel about this picture?

photograph by monikachu.

Most people would have given several answers like this, "Its a picture which symbolizes death." or maybe, "Its a sad, sad picture.", as well as, "It shows how beautiful things on earth never lasts." How the beautiful flowers wilted, definitely showed us how life is short. It definitely showed us death and it is a sad, sad picture. But are these the only views towards this beautiful picture? Are these the messages that this picture is saying? or are there more?

I rather choose the option of looking at this picture from a more positive tone. "I see how beautiful the flower in this picture is during its bloom. I see how many heart-warming love stories it bared witness in its lifetime. I see how it listened to those sweet, genuine promises a young man mouthed to the ears of his fiancée to be. I see how it brushed against the subtle skin of a beautiful young 3 year old girl who was playing and giggling with the one man she learnt to look up to for her whole life, her father. I see how it stood up high, and witnessed every sunrises and sunsets as well as how it was in between two graying old couples who laid down hand in hand, looking up at the sky filled with stars."

What I am trying to say is, you can always view the world from many angles. You can remain gloomy and sad, or u can either choose to view things from a brighter point of view. I've once heard this and as cliché as it might sound, it is true. "The world is how you see it." You have control on how you choose to see things in life, and yes, in reality, life is harsh and gloomy. But forget not, it is also the most beautiful thing there is in the world. I guess, life is how you choose to see it. If you choose to see the glass as half empty, it will always be half empty to you and life will never be entirely fulfilling. So yeah, in life, there are definitely rise and falls, but whenever the falls come, you have the choice to either pick yourself up and dust off those shoulders, head held high, ready to continue, or you can choose to continue whining and crying, defeated. Again, the world lies on how you see it. Have alil faith and alil hope, the world ain't that bad. I, for one, choose to see the glass as half full.