Thursday, October 28, 2010

# 75. Madonna's Vogue Parody.

Hey readers! Once again, I need your help. =) Please do click on the link below to share this video that me and my friends came up with for our assignment. It's Madonna's Vogue Parody. Have fun watching it!

I sure do how you will enjoy this video as much as we did in making it. Please do help me share the link and spread the news. Have a great day ahead of you!


Friday, October 1, 2010

# 74. Imagination.

photograph by FikreesProject.

i used to see aeroplanes as huge big birds, roaming the skies freely. i used to squat beside every rose and lily that i can find, trying to listen to their conversation amongst themselves. i used to think that big buildings and skyscrappers might just stand up and walk away when they get bored of the place. i used to secretly wish to be a princess with long silky hair, dressed in beautiful long dresses, waiting for my prince charming to appear on his white horse. i used to think that both my parents are secret superheros. i used to think that there is someone out there, trying to get me, whenever i'm alone. i used to act and create my own stories based on computer games that i played. i used to jump from tiles to tiles as though i'm a chess piece. i used to act as like indiana jones and dig holes in my garden in hopes to find dinosaur bones or treasure chests. i used to believe that nothing is impossible. i miss my very first best friend, my imagination.

funny how people used to have so many ideas when we were younger and the word impossible never seemed to exist. but as we grew, everything seemed to be going towards the other side of the chart. its not that as we grew, we lost our creativity, but we've lost the belief in our own imagination. every child's very first best friend is their imagination. it is imagination that introduced us to the new world, that taught and nurtured us, that kept us occupied and entertained, that makes us believe in the impossible, that makes us strong. but growing up, has stripped us of that belief. theres no reason why as we grow, we should let go of the impossibles. no reason why we can't jump on tiles in the shopping mall, as chess pieces with our friends. no reason why we should lose our innocence and not be a child again. let go of everything and be easily estatic about life like how a child is because, that kid inside of you and me, is still there deep down inside.