Sunday, March 28, 2010

# 59. twenteen. =)

happy twenteen, 280310 <3.
as of the marchtwentyeighttwothousandten, i am officially twenteen. yes, no spelling errors there, i am twenteen! i've finally entered another whole new decade of life, another whole new chapter, new possibilities, new friends, new stories, new opportunities, a new breath of life. i personally feel rather "old" just by the thoughts of the big 2-0 at start, but i realised, im still pretty young. so therefore, this is to a whole new chapter of my life. lets make this decade another decade to remember for life.

this year around, i wasn't really in my celebration mood. don't ask me why, i just wasn't in the mood. time passed, with assignments up my sleeves, i wasn't even aware that it was my birthday till days before it. i guess you can say, age caught up with me pretty soon. only after 19 years of birthdays, i'm already bored with it. yes, smack me! but however, my birthday celebration was rather good. i love all those people in my life who've given in the effort to make my birthday a celebration. i love all those wishes and kind thoughts poured on my birthday. i love the presents and i love the dinners and definitely the precious company. thanks peeps, for putting a smile on my face.


Friday, March 19, 2010

# 58. "Life."

What is life exactly? Why are we here? Why do we need to be born and yet death is inevitable? What is our purpose? Why exactly do we need to go through all the stages of life; being a toddler, a rebellious teenager, learning responsibilities through adulthood, and finally, feeling useless during old age. Why must we experience pain when we're cut, or the pain that we feel when we are heartbroken? Why do we learn to feel as though we are flying up high in the skies when we see success? What is life all about?

Well, I've recently went through my Sociology class, I've learnt about Erving Goffman; a famous sociology, who've quoted that life is merely just a play. His quote in fact, had been used in many stage plays, plays even by the famous Shakespear. I personally find this true. Life is short and death is inevitable. We are all actually dying as every single second ticks away. But yet, why are we born? Do we carry any meaning to life? Does our presence on Earth matter?

I think, in life, our journey and journeys of different people interwines with one another at different point of time. I think, what makes life, life is how much we impact other lives. I think, life is about the journey and not the destination. I think, life is about making it something that you'd look back on when you're old, feeling proud and full. I think, life is about making the best of what you've been given by God and expanding them. I think, life is full of crossroads. I think, life is about minimizing the regrets and what-should-haves and making it history. I think, each one of us serve a purpose of why are we here on Earth, to impact a person at its right time, to help an old lady crossing the road, to put a smile on a tearing girl's face. I think, life is short, but beautiful.

We are afterall, only actors and actresses on the stage, playing our roles in the ever so famous show, called Life. - 190310. <3


Saturday, March 6, 2010

# 57. Blessings.

day one. first breath of the sweet smelling oxygen. first cry. the weird feeling of hunger. the first taste of milk. the comfortable and fluffy pillows. the warm embrace of the most beautiful woman on earth. the cute teddy bear. the comforting 'shh' whenever i cry from the one man i know i'll have no matter what in my life. two brothers-my playmates, my guidance, my rolemodels. the first giggle. first home. day sevenhundredthirty. the red bicycle. the beautiful fluffy dress. the lullaby my mother sang me. the fairy tales. the first song. the barbie dolls. the first day of kindergarten. the dashing-white new shoes. the first bestfriend. the abc. the first fight. the first dream. day twothousandsixhundredtwentyeight. the first day of primary school. the first friend in school. the first time riding a giant car-bus. the first crush. the first novel. the first big examination. the first time performing on the stage. the sports. computer games. first movie. the first wondrous feeling of running through the black and white keys of a piano. day fourthousandsevenhundredfiftyfive. the popular kid in school. first accusation. first time on the big bird. first time on foreign land. the first money-paying job. the first mobile phone. the first time it feels like its me against the world. first love. love in sports. learnt how to juggle time. God. learning and making sense with our surroundings. first kiss. adapting. first heartbreak. first backstab. day sixthousandninehundredthirtysix. licence. university. photoshoots. first rock climbing. friends who cares. powerful prayers. strength. trips with friends. learning independence. those right words at the right time. opportunities in life. new friends. realizing dreams. day seventhousandtwohundredseventynine. - 060310.<3
the list above is my shortened list of blessings in my life till this very day. i believe that this list will continue growing and the blessings in my life will always be overflowing. =) make your very own list and you'll be surprised with how long that list is going to be. life isnt always that bad afterall. lets start counting our blessings!