Sunday, December 19, 2010

# 77. Merry Christmas.

photograph by googleimages.

With the faint smell of hot chocolate and the warmth of Christmas around,
With the familiar jingle at the background,
With the sight of red socks and decorated Christmas trees,
With the white and red candy canes and chocolate chip cookies laid out in the living room,
With family and friends back home,
With hope and joy up in the air,
With love all around,
Yet, i still feel, something is missing,
i felt empty despite having everything i need and want in life,
i felt alone despite being in a room full of people,
i felt unloved despite having great family and friends,
i felt not good enough despite being blessed with the ability to do what many can't,
i felt scared despite being completely fearless to almost everything in the world,
i felt confused despite having my path clearly lit,
i felt tired and lost despite only gone through two decades of my life,
It was then, i realised, i have been missing the real meaning behind Christmas,
It was Him, who work in mysterious ways which reached out and spoke to me,
It was Him, who gave me strength to go through those days i've woken up feeling miserable,
It was Him, who felt the pain twice as much as every teardrop rolled uncontrollably down my cheeks,
It was Him, who's grace is and always will be enough for me,
It was Him, who is the meaning and reason behind everything,
It was Him, who've made me who i am today,
It was Him, who has given meaning to Christmas,
He is Christmas; always Warm, Joyful, Giving.

Merry Christmas people.
Do not be caught up with the world and make this holiday just another Hallmark Holiday,
Remember God, and place Him first,
It is only because of Him,
We have Christmas afterall.