Wednesday, July 27, 2011

# 82. a lil thing called growing up.

Solitary by Asia 2009.

i used to think, falling down was painful and unbearable,
until i knew how to stand up on both my feet.
i used to think, jumping off a cliff was scary,
until i learnt that life is all about taking leaps of faith.
i used to think that the world was of rainbows and unicorns,
until i learnt that rainbows only happen after every storm.
i used to think, that dark and small rooms were suffocating,
until i realized that life itself is suffocating.
i used to think that everyone were family and friends,
until i accepted that there was no room for you and us with "i" around.
i used to think that there is more to life than evil and unkindness,
i guess, that's just me, never understanding unkindness,
or perhaps its my stubbornness acting out, not wanting to give up.
so here i stand, alone and scared,
until that day comes, i wonder, who will i be.