Thursday, April 30, 2009

# 18. Susan Boyle.

Susan Boyle.
Hey you readers, ever heard of Susan Boyle? No? Alright then. I'll tell you who she is. She is a 48 year old woman from West Lothian, a Scottish church volunteer and she has got a big heart for singing. She said, "I've always wanted to become a professional singer" and the audience snickered cynically at that honest and genuine dream of Susan Boyle. Why you ask? She is someone who you wouldn't consider your average pretty, slim girl. She isn't someone who you would come across as someone who is smart as well. So yea, she's practically what people would say, goofy and dumb. But when she opened her voice up to everyone, singing "I dreamed a dream" by lesMiserables, she stunned the audience and the judges.(and yes, including Simon Cowell)

Why is she being mentioned in this post you might wonder, well, I learned something from her which I think most people in our daily lives don't see. I realised how cynical and dense we are towards things which are actually nothing, and yet, we are so used to measure people with it, such as appearance, looks, the way they present themselves. Does looks and beauty really matter that much? No? But really, it usually over shadows how great the person is inside. Why do you think we, humans are so? I guess, we tend to look at whats on the outside than whats on the inside.

But really, think of it this way, how do God see us? Aren't we all imperfect? We have all sinned. We are Susan Boyle. But does he look at us like how we looked at Susan? Cynical? Cunning? Judgemental? Nope. I can sincerely tell you that. What He sees is not how we are on the outside. It is who we are on the inside. He sees us like how everyone sees Susan after her great voice came out from her mouth. Everyone was impressed and was in disbelieve. I guess, that is how God sees us.

He does not see what is, He sees what can be.


Monday, April 6, 2009

# 17. Dare You to Move.

# 17. Dare You to Move.
Before I start, I want to ask you people out there, have you ever had a dream so wild, out of mind and out of reach that you think that it is just simply impossible to reach? Did you continue pursuing it? or did you just let it fade? Thinking that,' sigh, it will never happen, just forget it, I'll just go the normal, safe way, like what everyone else is doing.'

But why? Why not give it a try? Why give up before you even give it a shot? Whats holding you back? Money? Approval of people? Fear? What's really holding you back is nothing but you. I today, dare you to move. Move out of your safe spot, make a difference today, make history. Stand up and move.

Go take up photography, jump in a pool naked, fly half way around the world, learn a different language, make friends with people all around the world, stand up and talk in a hall full with people, buy what you love, stand up to what you believe in, make a difference in the world, I dare you.

Move today, break free from all those things that have been holding you back, break free from all those chains and be unleashed. Make a difference and live life as how God intended you to live. Free, Happy, Liberated.

As for me, true, I have my own chains, but I try my best each day, to not be tied down and do things that I've always wanted to do. And that's me. Try listening to Dare you to move by Switchfoot. That song moved me like it never did until I heard it in varsity church camp last year and it spoke to me of how much we, humans hold on to things that actually dint really matter that much and missed out the opportunities and things that God had planned for us. I love God for that and I do try to live each day as it is. I do hope that you do to and believe me, you'll be much much happier than you are now. Again,
I Dare You to Move.


# 16. 280309.

***Writer's Heartfelt.
AS of the date as stated above, I was born 19 years ago and as promised, a post about my sweet 19! haha. Yaya, I'm
nineteen already. But well, the older the wiser right? haha. Owh well, lets not say more and proceed to the pictures aight? Let them do all the talking!

Haha! ALL mine! =]

It was shopping, movie, dinner, visitation to the port, visitation to the lookout point, dinner again, pressies, wishes and cakes! Love them all! =] Thanks to all you people who chipped in to make my nineteenth birthday a great joy and a great memory! Thanks for everything, it made my day and it really put a huge smile on my face. Love love love love lurrrrrveee you all! =D Thanks for the pressies and the wishes and I just want to thank you guys again, for even just the littlest thoughts and effort put into my birthday. And as well I would like to say as Earth Hour so happened to be on my birthday, that Malaysians out there! PLEASE do turn off your lights next year and do our part for mothernature aight? Smile aight? loves~ xoxo!

*ps. I just got a present from my brother in the States, and I cant say more but L.O.V.E it! I love him so much! MuaX!