Saturday, September 18, 2010

# 73. Featured as Blogger of the Week by myInternet.

Well, first and foremost, I would like to thank for featuring my blog as the blogger of the week! I was in total shock when I got to know about it only after the week is almost over! Forgive me for my blurness, my lappie died on me and I'm in the midst of examinations. Anyways, I'm on cloud nine now. =) Do click the link above and have a look!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

# 72. alil' something from me to you.

picture by piratesfuriousteddy.
thanks for reading my blog. believe in yourself and me, when i say that you are truly beautiful from the inside out. as much as yesterday might seem as though as it was hell, today, is another new day. start your day walking on sunshine and make today, a day to remember for years to come. you are where you are today not by chance, but by strength and grace. you are something to have survived yesterday, so do not doubt yourself, not even a single second. do not give up on the dreams that you have had since you were little, do not compromise on your beliefs, do not feel discouraged. remember that courage does not come in the form of a roar, but it is that little sigh that you give at the end of the day that comes along with a promise saying, i will try again tomorrow. as much as you might feel that you are lonely at times, i would like to tell you, that you have been missed by someone who've been waiting patiently their whole lives for you to enter theirs. if you think that you are unloved, remember that the big man above looks down and whispers those three words unconditionally. go ahead and have a great day. this is what i would like to tell everyone who is reading this here today because i believe that a little act of random kindness like this from a stranger goes a long way in putting a smile in a person's life. this is alil' something from me to you, whoever "you" are. -melaniehwa. 080910.