Friday, June 26, 2009

# 23. King of Pop.

A Star.
A Celebrity.
A Singer.
A Dancer.
An Artist.
A Mentor.
A Wonder.
A Hero.
A Legend.
An Inspiration.
A King of Pop.

Michael Jackson.
(August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)
No matter what people say about him, he's work is undeniably wonderful and will forever be etched closely in our hearts.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

# 22. Behind every Women.

whenever you look into those shining, beautiful dark, vibrant eyes, thinking that nothing could ever hurt her, think twice. looking as strong as she is on the outside, she is just like every little girl who fear of falling and monsters in the dark.
wearing a white bright suit, looking so tough and successful, head held high, shoulders squared, she desperately yearns for a stronger man beside her, holding her close and telling her that everything is alright, understanding her, making sure that her world is still sane, keeping her going strong.
whenever she strut her million-watt smile, you might think that she will have no problems big enough to pull her down, but you do not know anything about her tear-stained pillow, the weight of the world that she is carrying, the accusations and heartaches.
her heart, so fragile and soft, filled with love and care that she is willing to just pour out to anyone who is worthy, but never once, she had found one worthy, causing more and more walls to build up around that wonderful, genuine heart.
you know that she has a big heart for anyone, that you will have her to patch your broken heart up no matter what, taking her for granted, but what have you done for her to keep her heart together, in piece?
misunderstanding her actions for being plainly brutal and harsh, but look at things from her shoes, she is just doing it to protect herself from harm since no one in the world will do that for her.
love your friend, your daughter, your mother, your sister, your girlfriend with all your heart, never take them for granted, pamper them everyday, be there for them, listen to their heart's cry, do not hurt them, make them feel special, take good care of their heart, and you will simply make a girl, whom you care for, smile. its that simple.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

# 21. Man's best friend.

As I strolled aimlessly across the beautiful sunsetting beach, every little tiny grain of sand rubbed softly against the very skin of my bare feet, making me sink deeper and deeper into my own sorrowful world. My brain was filled with many thoughts. I felt as though as I was drowning in my very own world. I suddenly felt a soft warm furry body against my legs, circling me and caressing me. I broke off from my own deep thoughts. I looked down, and I saw a beautiful white Indian Spitz. I bent down, my hands immediately navigated its way around its white fur. It was jumping up and down, delirous. I petted its head and I stood up, my legs started pacing faster and faster, I turned my head, looking backwards and I saw its white proudful mane flaring as it ran against the strong wind towards me. Its tiny little legs were so swift, it caught up with me in a matter of seconds. I immediately carried it into my arms and I rolled down on the soft white sand. As I looked into it, I saw my reflection in its eyes, I was smiling. And that day changed my whole life forever.

Days and nights passed. Work and eat and sleep. Everyday seems so robotic, nothing ever really changes. People come and go. New gadgets and the latest fashion updates itself every now and then. Everything seems so unpredictable, so unworthy of living, uncertain. But it was always here, beside me, loyal and faithful. Whenever tears flooded my eyes, it will just cuddle up with me quietly and patiently. Whenever I'm upset and angry, it never failed to put a smile in my face. Whenever I'm happy, it knows and it will share my happiness with absolute joy. Whenever I fall down, my hero in shining white fur will never fail to come and pick me up. Whenever I am in danger and in harm, it will give it all and fence me from them. It's love is so strong that no matter what, I know that I always will have it to lean back on.

It's fur started to drop more and more. As years passed, it is not as vibrant and as swift as it used to be. It gets tired easily even just with a little exercise. I sat on a resting chair across a fireplace in my living room, sipping hot chocolate in a cold winter day. I looked down beside my chair. Its wide eyes staring back at me with full adoration and love. My heart immediately felt warmth that gave birth to a genuine smile plastered on my face. I automatically petted its head and I continued stroking its white fur up and down. My eyes started to close and I was fast asleep. Dawn arise and when I opened my eyes, it was another new day. I stood up, strecthing my arms, yawning and when I was done, I smiled, having thought of my precious up in my head. I looked down at it. Its eyes were closed. I bent down. Wanting to wake it up, I decided pet it and give it a gentle push but all I felt was a cold, stiff body. I was shocked. I shook it harder. It remained still. I broke down. I held its body so close to me, hoping with every fibre of muscle in me that it will just jump awake but with no avail. It hit me that I have lost someone who really love me, my very best friend, whom I love equally much.

*ps. In the loving memory of Zero.
*pss. I've always wanted to write a post about dogs. I love doggies a whole lot and now is never the best time for this post.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

# 20. Of a father's love.

day one.
he carried me in his arms, proud and happy. the edges of his lips smiling from one edge to the other. his eyes looking deep into the identical but tiny version of mine, and at that very moment, he made me a promise that he vowed to keep forever, that is to shower me with all the love in the world. i responded with nothing but a tiny giggle and that was one of the most memorable days of his life.

day onethousandtwohundredandnine.
he was holding me so tight, throwing me up and down, a smile so wide pasted upon his face and i was laughing at the top of my lungs. i was delirious. he put me down on my feet and i immediately ran around, striding the beautiful green grass leaving my tiny little tracks along the way. he was trying to keep up with my pace, trying to catch me. i was running as fast as my tiny legs can carry me. suddenly, i tripped and i fell. i felt this enormous pain hitting the very skin of my knee. the pain was unbearable. immediately, tears started forming in my eyes and i cried. his strong arms immediately wrapped around me, lifting me up and his gentle hands automatically made its way towards my wounds. he's comforting voice shhush-ed me and it ensured me that everything will be okay.

day fivethousandsixhundredandthirtythree.
"Byeee." tears were rolling uncontrollably down my soft, tear-stained cheeks as i painfully returned the reciever back to its respective place. my heart was aching as her words,"Our 9 year long friendship doesn't mean anything to me." continued playing painfully up in my head, as though it was on repeat mode. i just got off the phone with my closest best friend who mattered a lot to me. i walked across the hall, making my way back to my room with all the energy and courage left, putting up a face for my familly to see. but he knew, without a word or a question, he laid his arms around me, holding me so close to him that the very energy and courage that i have to pull my self together, evaporated and i broke down, sobbing uncontrollably but this time, i know that things will get better because no matter what, i have him to give me the strength to carry through.

day eightthousandonehundred.
i was standing as straight as i possibly can, head held high, a proud smile plastered across my face. i was holding a piece of beautifully rolled paper, tied with a yellow ribbon. i was wearing a big, huge robe and a graduation cap was handsomely rested on my head. there he stood amongst the crowd. his joy and pride was so so much that even me, standing across the room, was able to feel it. after the ceremony was done, he was the first one to rushed up to give me the biggest hug ever. as he pulled back, a little tear was seen in his beautiful eyes, a tear of joy.

day ninethousandonehundredandeightyfour.
there he stood. so handsome in his tuxedo suit, he handed out his arm in the most gentleman-like way, and i hooked his arm in response to what he did. i was so nervous, my hands were shivering, he without wasting a second, immediately placed his other hand on mine. as we walked down the aisle, arm in arm, walking towards the man of my dreams, i knew, that i was the luckiest woman on earth, to have found two men who love me with all their life. as he passed my hands to my other half, he looked deeply into my eyes with tears of happiness and joy, he hugged me and whispered, "I'm so proud of you and I will always love you." and i whispered back, "I love you, daddy."

*ps. i would love to dedicate this post to my daddy.
*pss. Happy Father's day to all fathers in the world in advance.