Friday, January 30, 2009

#12. Of being in other person's shoes.

Of being in other person's shoes.
Have you ever wished to be in other person's shoes before? *laughs* I'm sure you are most probably scratching your head right now. Well, what I meant is that have you ever reflect on how good life is to you by looking at other people's life? That, I'm not so sure. But, I'm sure you compared yourself to the your friends or even people you do not know, about how fortunate they are and how you hope your life would be like that. I'm sure that you have at least once hope to be another person whom you feel has a better life. 'Sigh. How I hope that I have a Dad like that', or 'How I hope that I'm as rich as they are'. Sounds familiar?

Tell you what, believe it or not, that person might actually be feeling and hoping for the exact same thing about you. No matter whether it is your life or mine, life is hard. I realized that it is through the ups and downs of life that makes you who you are today. You might think that anyone who is happy-go-lucky means that they have no worries in life. Tell you what, that is never gonna happen for anyone. Try finding a person without any problems in life and do tell me if you are successful.

Have you ever stop and think of how blessed you are? That at least you have a proper roof and food on the table everyday? When the people in Africa live in poverty and hunger? You might sometimes wish your parents or even your siblings away. What about those orphans who would give up everything just to have their family with them for even just one day?

Life is how you sees it. Being remorseful and sad over it won't help you much. So why sigh and compare yourself to others? Be grateful and thankful to God for what you have and start living each day to its fullest.


Monday, January 12, 2009

#11. 2008.

***Writer's Heartfelt:
Hey you readers out there! Happy New Year! I know I know. Its abit late of an entry, but anyhow, this post will be all about me. Ready or not, here I come!

Okayy. Lets see. 2008 was a year of ups and downs for me. Literally! I've experienced working life, NS as well as college all in one year! I've made many many friends throughout the year and gained many many experience. I was away from God and He, never failed to pull me back closer to Him. And now, I'm never happier. =] Overall, 2008 was a great year for me! =] It was more of a 'dark chocolate' for me. *slurrrp* Bitter at first then come the aftertaste Sweetness.





So, there you have it! That's 2008 for me! =] It started off not that well, but it ended splendidly. I've found myself and I am beyond happy now, all thanks to the Lord. Well, this is to 2009 and I hope that the wonders of the Lord will continue to shine through my life.