Wednesday, April 27, 2011

# 80. ps. thank you.

i've always believed that a simple thank you is able to go a long way,
not to making someone's day,
but to making my very own day a better one.
words are never and never will be enough to express gratitude,
but here's some post-it notes for the people who matters,
but i know,
this is nothing compared to what i feel grateful for deep down inside.
so, thank you.

my gratitude goes out to the many people who i couldn't name one by one.
colleagues, i thank you for the opportunities to learn, to explore and to play with you guys.
labi-labi, i thank you for letting me know that there is always still hope out there.
friends, i thank you for those who have stucked by me and also for those who didn't.
and everyone who i did not mention, sorry and also i thank you.
i thank everyone who have crossed my path of life because i believe that you have made a difference in my life somehow, someway, even when you and i don't even realise it.
so this is a personal thank you note to everyone in my life,
and also to you who is reading this right now.
thank you.