Monday, October 26, 2009

# 35. Home.

a home is where..

my soft bed and fluffy pillows are always so welcoming.
my cute teddy bears waiting upon me patiently on my bed.
my ever so messy table, hoping to be cleared.
the wonderful memories of my childhood with my brothers were spent.
the welcoming arms of my family, will always remain widely opened for me.
my laughters and tears saturates the air in which i breathe.
the every corners of the walls knows me inside out, my every story.
my sanctuary, a place that I can always return to.
my heart will always be.

there is no where else in the world you would rather be than home.
when i realised this, i realised i was homesick.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

# 34. Modelle Beauty 50.

Hey readers! =D

This post ain't my usual inspiring posts but I do want to take the opportunity to announce to you guys about this modelling competition that I got into. It is a new modelling competition in Malaysia, similar to America's Next Top Model and as most of you all know, every girl will be voted out. *sobs!* But as for this competition, its 10 girls out every month until the last one standing from the beginning of a total of 50 girls. So yea, it is kinda scary. So please please, DO vote for me to keep me alive in this competition. =] Thanks! *hugs and kisses*

Besides just voting for us, top 3 voters will get some goodies as well. *laughs* Interesting huh? Do read below to get further tempted! =]


1.Beauty 50 (1st round) Top 3 highest voters prizes:

First prize: RM500 cash prize, half year subscription of MODELLE Magazine (6 issues) and a date with one of the model of choice.
Second prize: RM 400 worth of vouchers on branded apparels/accessories/shoes
Third prize: RM 200 worth of vouchers/package of facial products/F&B vouchers.

Interested? Continue reading!

Alright, here are some photos of my first photoshoot. My theme was Bohemian. So yea, I know I don't look like me. *laughs* Anyhow, do enjoy. =]

The before.
(yes, I'm a camwhore. =P)

The after.
(yes, I cam-whored after the shoot in the car =P)

The location- KTM Malaysia.
(The place is really beautiful. Haunted-scary though.)
Photographs credits to Khairul Nizam Lamin.

The outcome.
(I know I don't look like me right? *laughs*)
This is the main picture of 4 that is going to be in the magazine.

Like those pictures?

To vote for me:
Type MODV (space) MEL to 36660
RM 1.00/vote.
There are no voting limits. (the more the merrier! =])
Voting for the first round starts 6th October 2009.

To visit the magazine website, please click here.
To visit the magazine facebook page, please click here.
To visit my facebook page, please click here.

The very first issue of this magazine will be in stores by this weekend. Remember to grab one yourself alright? It is only RM 7.00 per copy. So yeah, please do vote for me and help me spread the word yea. =D Your every vote means a whole lot to me. Have a great day. Hugs.