Monday, August 16, 2010

# 71. for Dad & Mum.

Picture by Andrew Holden.
When I was a baby, it was your monstrous fingers in between my first tiny grasp. When I was learning my first baby steps, it was you who held on to my baby hands when I reached out for balance. When it was my first fall, it was your strong arms which lifted me up and comforted my pain. When I was learning, it was your delicate fingers which patiently guided me through my first ABC. When I was little, it was your hands that I held on to tightly whenever we go to alien places to meet strange and scary aunties and uncles. When I was a rebellious teenager, it was your arms which welcomed me back home whenever I went astray. When I was lost, it was your hands which held on to me with faith and guided me towards the right path. When I stood, shoulders broad, proud upon that podium after my graduation speech, it was your hands which clapped the loudest. When I walked down the aisle to the man of my dreams, it was your strong, safe, wrinkled hands which accompanied me down that road with nothing but sincere blessings. When I cried, it was your strong arms which I looked for to make me feel safe and strong again. When I see you by the rocking chair, I'll hold on to your wrinkled hands, and my fingers will trace every line, admiring how every one of them, carries a special story behind. It is your hands, which taught me how to dream, yet reminded me of what's the most important thing in life. It is your hands, that I would like to hold for as long as I can. You are the only ones who are able to make me cry in a heartbeat because of your unconditional love for me. Thank you, Dad and Mum.- melaniehwa.